The pharmaceutical project environment can be extremely complex. A large company may have scores of drugs in the pipeline, each with multiple clinical trials in progress, and each trial having hundreds or even thousands of patients across dozens of sites and many countries. Planisware for Life Sciences vertical addresses the need for better pipeline predictability and project control. Its strong portfolio level capabilities allow pharma companies to forecast costs, durations, and resource estimates for each new compound or project.


This App allows Project Managers to view their Planisware Project Plans on their iPads. Users just need to connect their Planisware instance to the iPad to view Plan data. The App has the following features:

  • Schedule and Milestone dates
  • Gantt View
  • Resource View
  • Offline view
  • Compatible with Planisware V6.2

Planisware app


Planisware Support and customization


Do you find your current Planisware configuration too complex or too customized? Are you looking for it to be simplified or redesigned, to streamline your processes and improve usability?

Planisware version 6 comes with incredible ‘out of the box’ configuration capabilities. Our consultants can help you re-design your existing system and business processes to take advantage of Planisware 6 capabilities, thus increasing usability and maintainability.

Planisware Integration with Microsoft Project


Are you able to fully utilize Planisware’s built-in dashboard and report builder to automate reporting?

Planisware comes with the most complete set of tools to support new product development from the early ideation phases to market launch.This not only helps to keep stakeholders informed but also enables the decision makers to take the right action for your projects, portfolios and resources. In addition to this, we help you build and deploy dashboards and reports for your specific information needs with Microsoft Project as well.

Planisware SME Business Consultant


Are all the capabilities of the Planisware version you already have, being put to use fully? Do you feel the need to expand the use of the platform to other business units or departments?

Our business consultants can help you re-design your business processes and then configure and deploy new Planisware capabilities for your existing or additional users. The strategic roadmapping capabilities empower you to prioritize risk, market trends, products, technologies, processes and resources to ensure that activities align with business goals.


Upgrade to Planisware Version 6
WITH i2e

Are you currently on Planisware version 5 and wish to take advantage of all the new capabilities and user interface of version 6?

At i2e, we have successfully managed to upgrade customers from one version to the next, including organizations demanding highly customized installations. Our experienced business consultants can handle even the most complex upgrades, helping you to migrate existing customizations or replace them with new core functionality, convert your project and reference data to the new data model and thoroughly test your upgraded system before deployment.

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