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In today's highly competitive pharmaceutical environment it is imperative for project teams to monitor both business movements, and scientific developments that can affect the business proposition for the program, especially where collaboration is involved. However, resolving the challenge of combining one organization's data with that of another, while maintaining privacy has remained a big challenge for most.

The ever increasing volume of data generated on the drug project necessitated robust data handling and data analytics expertise spread across both teams. There was a strong need for collaboration between data scientists and related skills across organizational boundaries to deliver valuable insights to project teams. This resulted in new scientific insights and better business decisions for both teams.


With the increased generation of innumerable and varied data sets, there was a need for these 2 pharma giants to effectively manage and integrate data from all stages of the pharmaceutical value chain to enable more informed decisions. The most important aspect was simplifying day to day tasks and providing easy access to information concerning materials, results and reports across both teams Both were committed to use technology, data and analytics to expedite the drug discovery process.Collaboration was seen as vital to improving performance.

They turned to i2e for help, kicking off a tailored, agile colaboration-based solution that continued to evolve after initial implementation and helped them to stay on top of the data integration challenge while maintaining privacy.


i2e built a practical, well engineered solution that let its clients resolve the problem of collaborating on a project without revealing the sensitive data to each other.


  • Data protection, security and privacy
  • Visibility to see what has been done and what still needs to be completed
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Easier communication through the collaboration tool
  • End -user satisfaction
  • Short time to market
This improved data- visualization, facilitated an organization wide hunger to execute precise, timely, processes. Additionally, the client obtained a rapid return on investment following Portfo¬lio-one implementation, which was directly attributed to a reduction of the number of man-hours required to produce reports.

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