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Have you ever wondered how your mobile wallet works? Who authenticates who you are, whom you are selling to or buying from, for what? Who assures you get the value you have transacted?

Welcome to the blockchain world. Blockchain, as the name suggests, is a chain of blocks. Each block processes a part of a transaction helping the transaction to be successfully completed (or rejected if there is an authentication failure).

Blockchain finds applications not only in the finance sector, but also in a variety of industries. Be it a simple mobile wallet or multi-party, multi-million transactions, blockchain helps in digitizing the entire transaction and cryptographically securing each step. The fact that the entire transaction does not reside at any one location makes it extremely difficult (in software, we never use the term impossible) to break into it.

While Crypto-currency (Bitcoins et al) is the most popular blockchain application, the technology can be used for a myriad of other things. Smart Contracts (self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between parties directly written into lines of code) is a great example of how blockchain can be used. Technology aware organizations and those aiming to gain first mover advantage are exploring new methods to secure their supply chains. For example, MediLedger, a blockchain-based system built on J.P. Morgan’s Quorum, helps companies like Pfizer track medicines and prevent counterfeit medicines from propagating through the pharmaceutical supply chain.


I2E, with its years of experience and expertise in software, is investing significantly in developing applications and use cases in blockchain. We have the capability to develop smart contracts for Ethereum and Hyperledger. To ensure that the smart contracts come with the highest level of security; we conduct rigorous testing and analysis on the same before putting them into production.

Given its expertise in mobile and web application development, I2E is one of the few companies that has the capability to design, create and deliver all three types of secure functional enterprise grade blockchain apps: Public, Private, and Permissioned; with great emphasis on UI/UX.

In addition to the above, we have the capabilities to deliver blockchain-based solutions to cater to various business use cases:

Financial applications


  • Create a distributed ledger that stores transaction details.

Curated Platforms


  • Create platforms that people can use, to be rewarded for promoting and sharing content that is interesting or useful.
Witness Systems


  • Create platforms wherein multiple entities can act as witnesses to specified types of contracts/transactions.
  • Captures all elements of the process of witnessing, without requiring the physical presence of any entity.
  • All transactions and witnessing acts comply with legal requirement and would stand the test of legal scrutiny.
Supply chain/Asset tracking system


  • Keep track of the integrity of assets right from their creation till delivery to the end-user.
  • Voucher generation and authentication/acknowledgement at every step.


i2e Consulting can also create digital assets for use with blockchains:


    Tokens are easily exchangeable digital assets that can be used within a particular contract or set of contracts. Tokens can be used to conduct ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

    Crypto-coins to be used as currency (use these in place of fiat currencies).


  • Generate unique tokens that can be fairly awarded to users. We can create mechanisms that make people either compete or collaborate to acquire certain types of tokens.

  • Develop loyalty programs, reward systems, customer engagement, event based promotions, flash sales, and more – without any human intervention.

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