Acquired company migrates RBS and resource forecasting from Alteryx to Planisware with 100% algorithm match output


Business Case

If you have ever experienced moving, then you know how stressful it can be. Now imagine moving your company’s RBS (Resource Breakdown Structure) and resource management to a new platform. Not much some thousand projects, 10-15 years of timelines, and your entire resource strength. Conditions being smooth transition, better visualization and nothing goes amiss.   

In a mergers and acquisition instance, the acquired company approached us to migrate their existing RBS structure from Alteryx to Planisware. The former had resources classified by resource types, conditions, activity, and timelines. Based on certain pre-defined conditions or algorithms resource forecasting was carried out with Alteryx. The process was to be migrated to Planisware along with better analytics. 

Our Approach

The client wanted minimum disruptions, as migrating to another platform was stressful enough already.

We had resources and their different activity and resource type for available for Planisware. So, we needed to replicate the entire process flow and optimise wherever necessary for increased efficiency in the Planisware landscape.


Our Solution

  • Design algorithms or equations for Planisware to forecast resource availability case on case basis.
  • Solution validation with side-by-side comparison of results from both the tools.
  • Interactive PowerBI reports for better visualization and understanding of resource forecasting.

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