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The power of cloud for your Business / Reduce costs and increase efficiency

We are a dynamic, professional and growing team, working with some of India’s most respected corporate and government organisations in providing dedicated service and support across Microsoft applications, including SharePoint. At i2e, our SharePoint services offer you a central space to share information in a secure and scalable capacity. Our cloud hosting options provide excellent performance and include bandwidth topped offers. We strive to provide the best experience to our customers through our specialised team of consultants. These consultants understand the best practices and ways to utilise SharePoint to enable solutions that will boost your organisations ability to manage information and increase productivity.

Cloud hosting not only saves you money but is also your disaster recovery plan in action. It ensures that your business and data is protected for the continuity of your enterprise.

At i2e, we

  • Understand the cloud and evaluate a solution that would work most effectively for your business
  • Help you make the right business decisions based on our guidance
  • Provide you with the right advice from a deep pool of information
  • Offer insights gained from working across a number of industries and solutions providing ROI
  • Directly connect you with a specialist consultant with years of experience
  • Minimise risk and uncertainty to increase your project success and return on investment


Take a look at 2 of our major SharePoint Solutions:



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