Project Solutions

Experience the Power of Project & Portfolio Management with i2e

We help organizations improve their strategic planning and business execution. At i2e, we offer adaptable high-performance PPM solutions and world-class professional services. We build mobile and web based applications for working in a project environment. Our suite of solutions cover the end to end life cycle of projects and engages with all people working within that environment. This ensures that your business strategy is right on target through planning, execution and insights.

Our 3 pronged approach



 At i2e we understand that a portfolio is not a static unit. Every addition, accomplishment, failure and change shifts the balance. To maintain control and balance, executives must regularly assess the portfolio, identifying struggling projects early enough to fix them and killing those that no longer align with organizational strategy. At i2e, we deliver a critical edge that allows organizations to not only improve delivery, but to identify and drive greater value from strategic project investments. We help companies reduce risk and maximize benefits. We provide organizations with the necessary tools to align their projects to management strategy and improve overall project success rates.

Companies with high PPM capability have a 300% greater ROI on their PPM investment than those with low capabilities.

We provide the roadmap for improvements and work with you to develop the implementation plan.

With our tools you can

  • Connect project goals with resource realities
  • Compare planned vs. actual schedules
  • Load balance at-risk projects
  • Make custom reports